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How to Find Products
You can find products on our site in several ways.

  Item Number Search. If you know the five-digit item number, you can enter it in the search box at the top of the page and Click GO. You will be taken directly to that product.

Keyword Search. To search for products, just type in a few descriptive or key?words and hit the 'go' button for a list of relevant products or information you are looking for. Often it's most effective if you type in only one keyword, for example if you're looking for pens simply search on the keyword "pen??à.

Browse by Department. If your just looking you can always browse the departments of our online store by clicking on a department name on the left of the page.

Catalog Quick Order. If you need ordering from our catalog, try our Catalog Quick Order feature located on the top of our site next to the search tool. It is the easiest, fastest way to order from our catalogs.

Order Status
If you want to know the current status of an order or track that order you can use our Order Status feature. Simply click on Order Status at the top of the page and follow the three easy steps. You can click here to register a new user, and you can view all of our VIP products and can send the purchar order and inquiry in our website. Join now........


If you have other questions about how to use our online store or an order you've placed with us please don't hesitate to contact us.


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